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Art has always been an integral part of my being, starting at an eary age when I loved drawing cartoons. However, my passion for art took a backseat when my family immigrated to Canada. Fortunately, years later, when I was introduced to the practice of yoga, I dedicated myself to self-exploration and mindfullness, which led me back to my lost love of art.

My artwork is inspired by many things, from yoga and natural movement of the body to flowers, nature and fantasy. I am fascinated with lines and how they just appear on the clean piece of paper - connecting, separating, crossing, flowing, jumping and eventually coming together to create a form.

One of my favorite quotes by Linda Saccoccio:
“Lines create an expirience beyond the literal.
There is so much potential in losing and finding the line again. Like letting go and beign awakened.
Lines, like music, create potential for mystery.”

I am always exited to see the outcome of my art pieces, and never know where the imagination can take me.
Sharing my art with others is a dream come true. I always feel special gratitude to my family and to my darling daughters whose innocence, love and purity on their beautifufl faces continuously giving me courage to move on....
Im aslo greatful for all my teachers, guides, friends and most of all Life itself.........


• Dear Stella, Thank you so much for the beautiful art, it arrived yesterday and I am thrilled! I have been searching and searching for months and months for images that capture the essence of these incredible poses. I am a yoga teacher and think your representations are truly stunning! Many thanks and with very warmest wishes, Katie :-)
- Katie Fusco, East Sussex, United Kingdom

• Hi Stella! I just wanted to say that I really love this print.  I'm giving it to a close friend of mine who just had a miscarriage. I hope the print reminds her that she is strong, powerful and beautiful and that she'll be able to get through this as long as she remains grounded and strong. Peg
- Peg Horner, Verona, WI United States

• Hi Stella, Your art prints are so amazing. I got each one of them matted and framed..my gosh they are beautiful. You are welcome to cut and paste my response and thank you for allowing me to bring the perfect art into my studio.
- Kimberly Murray, Bakersfield , CA United States

• AMAZING quality, Stella! I am so so pleased with your art, customer service, and extremely quick shipping ;) Highly recommend! Leanne
- Leanne Joy, Toronto, Canada

• Hi Stella,
Just received my print today, in brilliant condition.... thank you for packing it so well.
Really pleased with it..... off out this afternoon to purchase a frame for it and looking
forward to hanging it up in my bedroom.
I'm very passionate about yoga, I attend 2-3 classes each week and do a small routine
at home each day too.  Not only does it make me feel physically fit, but mentally too!!
Many thanks again for such a lovely print.
Kind Regards
-Clare Evans, Wrexham, United Kingdom

• Dear Stella, YES I got my Warrior 1 print and I LOVE IT! Thank you  :) Thank you for the beautiful energy in your work...I have it in my yoga room and it inspires me. namaste,
- Nancy Windheart, AZ , United States

• Hi Stella!  Just to let you know my pictures arrived yesterday. Think it took less than a week to arrive! Absolutely love your work. Thank you.
- Yvette Scholz, Essex United Kingdom

• Stella, I did receive the prints and they are GORGEOUS!! Thank you so much!! I bought one for me and one for a friend. As I settle in to my new house, I'm sure I'll be finding more space for your beautiful art and be placing another order :)  
- Ann Brook Theodore, NE, United States

• Thankyou so much Stella...evrything from wrapping the print to shipping it has been just great. You even took the time to personally email and check all was ok. The print was just beautiful and really made the perfect present for a very good friend....she was blown away by it. Thankyou so much again......
- Tracy and Darryl Grinter, Easenhall, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

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